Facility Management

TOPSITE maintain a highly skilled and experienced workforce, committed with excellence and client satisfaction. 

Sub-Contractor Management

  • Identifying the employer’s specific needs for a project
  • Identifying and qualifying potential contractors
  • Communicating employer policies to hired subcontractors
  • Providing ongoing oversight of contracts

Periodic Maintenance Management

Periodic maintenance assumes that equipment failure can be predicted over time. It is a maintenance strategy that is applicable to equipment that has a foreseeable life span based on historical data or manufacturer specifications.

Preventive Maintenance;

Its mission is to maintain a level of certain service on equipment, programming the interventions of their vulnerabilities in the most opportune time. It is used to be a systematic character, that is, the equipment is inspected even if it has not given any symptoms of having a problem.

Predictive Maintenance;

It pursues constantly know and report the status and operational capacity of the installations by knowing the values of certain variables, which represent such state and operational ability.

This maintenance it is the most technical, since it requires advanced technical resources, and at times of strong mathematical, physical and / or technical knowledge.

Corrective Maintenance;

Corrective Maintenance is destined to correct the defects to be found upon a fault on equipment or installations hat are communicated to the maintenance department or direct client by users of the facility.

Proactive maintenance.

Proactive maintenance refers to a collection of activities, inspections, tests and procedures that are used to prevent the failure of equipment, a machine or a material in the future. It focuses on determining potential root causes of machine or material failure and dealing with those issues before problems occur.